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Shadowmancer   Welcome.
ShadowmancerData mining of the ~100mb patch that was released for PTS shards yesterday.

1-Few changes to Pyromancer again.
2-New mounts (the fox - Kitsune).
3-Possible new Polar bear mount.
PTS Update + Datamining for 25th July 2014
A relatively small ~100MB update hit RIFT's Public Test Shard for the 25th July 2014. Some Auction House fixes and adjustments were made for the on-going testing on the PTS of the ...
ShadowmancerTrion platform log in issues (Glyph). You may face problem trying to log in to any of the following:

1-Trion official web site ([link]).
2-Official forums.
3-RIFT through Glyph.

Due to this issue, if you are trying to log in to RIFT it may takes you 2-3 tries but they're currently working to fix it.
Trion Experiencing Platform Issues
If you are currently experiencing issues logging into RIFT's website or Forums, this is due to on-going platform issues that have arisen since 1:27AM PDT on 25th July 2014. CM Morg...
ShadowmancerNews Tidbits 24 Jul 2014
Rift News Tidbits 24th July 2014
Some News Tidbits for RIFT on 24th July 2014: Contest Winners' Cloaks found under Rift Store -> Wardrobe -> Contest Winners will be Bound on Account after next week's hotfix. [r] P...
ShadowmancerMage Power :)
Shadowmancer   I don't have BIS T2 offhand, BIS T2 wand, or BIS T2 rings even ;)
Always pass when other mage really wants.
skaravaios   can you pos a pic with the mage dps on greenscale?
Shadowmancer   It's on Zither's video of our first kill :)
I've check my screenshots folder. Only have the ones after the kill without any UI :(
Shadowmancer2nd Picture.
ShadowmancerGreenscale binded by RTA, well done everyone :)
ShadowmancerI am uploading 3 pictures as I type.

1-StormCaller DPS on Akylions's Mini Boss.
2-Group picture of GreenScale.
3- 2nd Group Picture of GreenScale.
ShadowmancerSummary of tonight's live stream. "Some pictures quality is not that good cause they're screen shot from a live stream video". Interviews Daglar Livestream
Rob Lashley from interviewed RIFT Game Director Bill "Daglar" Fisher on the Livestream @ Twitch today. Daglar went over a few RIFT-related items that have pop...
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Simos   tine touto pali ?
skaravaios   to gnosto astropeleki apo tous aparadektous?
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Next week's raids are already. You may start signing up for raids.
Pyko won't be able to raid tonight and maybe next week.
But the give away is for free hosting of guilds web sites. Not something we can use cause we already have our hardly built site :)
just change it from riftgrad with (d) to [link]
link is not working huh?
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