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ShadowmancerAmazing interview with tons of info, picture and details about:-

1-Mastery points.
3-New Area.
4-New IA
MMO Reporter Network interviews Simon and Daglar in PAX Prim...
MMO Reporter Network's Chris chats with RIFT Executive Producer Bill "Daglar" Fisher and Senior Design Director Simon "Dead Simon" Ffinch. They show off a tour of Nightmare Tide an...
Shadowmancer   Still no idea what's the name of the new equipment but this is normal in all MMORPGs when expansion hit.

I prefer this 100% over having gear reset.

Our T3 gear will last to early L65. Might be more than enough for 1st raid as well as confirmed by Trion.
Laroli   scuba diving equipment :)
skaravaios   when i get the preorder i ll let you know :p
ShadowmancerIf you weren't in the raid today; please don't forget to vote as well so we can decide which raid are we doing this Monday.
ShadowmancerAmazing Cleric Item from Mallaven :)
ShadowmancerPoor Krass crying "Fine fine...after taking a beating by RTA" :d
Rockavlon   Congratulations RTA! I am very proud of your progress! ! Keep up the good work mates!
ShadowmancerRaid DPS on Krass. Well it was around 625K on it is peak so it is pretty good :)
Shadowmancer   LOL!!!
Leitsha   Nooob Lai ^^
Rockavlon   Everything is a DPS race, as a friend/ enemy of mine used to say ... :)
ShadowmancerRock Boss Mallaven broken into pieces by RTA :)
Shadowmancer   uploaded 4 images to Shadowmancer
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ShadowmancerBig Grats guys and girls for the very amazing raid tonight. The goal I had in mine was achieved so well done :)

Anyway, DKP for tonight will be as follows:-

1-Normal Raid = 3 DKP.
2- New Kill#1 "Mallaven" = +4 DKP
3-New Kill#2 "Krass" = +4 DKP
4-New Progress "61% on Magicilian" = +2 DKP

So total for tonight is 13 DKP

Grats all,

I am so happy we killed Mallaven with new setup and more happy we got Krass on our 1st try and also 61% on our 1st night on Magicilian.

Well done :)
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Laiback   Questionaire: why not clear IG and go Magicillian? :)
Shadowmancer   If we clear IG we will not call the raid. We will go to Magicilian of course.
Kwak   Big gratz guys and girls now the real fun starts :)
ShadowmancerAbout the Nightmare Tide Release date on the 8th of October. Apparently, the autumn harvest world event will be the one pushed back to November in order not to be released with expansion at the same time.
ShadowmancerGood day fellow RTAs,

Tonight we will go to Mallaven to progress more and a kill ;)

However, I want everyone to be present at raid time with 100% awareness. We will try to call everything as much as possible. But I want everyone to be ready with the basics:-

Relic Stones << Very important for tonight.
Practicing your best parse if you haven't already.

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Shadowmancer   Interrupts on Mallaven:-

The 3 interrupts "Gold Bar": Roar of the Mountain << this interrupt x 3 will be DPS responsibility.

The 1 interrupt (after 50% or phase 2) "Blue Bar": Seismic Crunch << This one will be tanks responsibility.

So, please no DPS should try and interrupt the blue cast or your interrupt will be on CD for the Gold one.
Shadowmancer   Please don't get over confident cause we've got the boss down to 25% last time. It is still a demanding fight. So we might have to do some replacement when DPS output is below expectation.

Failing an encounter start by taken this encounter (boss) for granted.
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proud of your progress! keep your good job guys!
the main under ground phone cable is getting fixed..I hope I'll get my connection soon
where is option clear IG and go magcilian?
bad internet >.< that explains why you dropped while talking to me today >.<
Try my best get it sorted fast. On the phone to them at min
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