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Shadowmancer   welcome
ShadowmancerI am on live support for over 1 hour. Might be a bit late on log in. Still #11 on queue >.<
Shadowmancer   After emailing them directly, I've got this auto response telling me that it may take up to 120 hours to get answered (working hours).

So that's five (5) working days.
Shadowmancer   Sheqill, don't forget to email me ASAP with all details so I can try my best when I get the answer.
ShadowmancerFor new raiders (trial) who joined RTA recently. Please update your info on our T3 teams post so we can keep track of your attendance for the priority list.

ShadowmancerHuge PTS update. A lot of Earrings icons added to the game.
PTS Datamining for 17th September 2014
A large ~2.4GB PTS Update hit on 17th September 2014 which added a whole bunch of Nightmare Tide screens, Cleric Inquisitor Changes, PvP Gear Changes, 'Sidekicking' and more. You c...
ShadowmancerNews 18 Sep 2014. AH issue addressed among few other things about 3.0
RIFT News Tidbits 18th September 2014
There's quite a few additions to RIFT for 18th September 2014. Check them out below: Limited Edition: White Squirrel Trove + 25% Discount on PvE. Until Midnight on Sunday 21st Sept...
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Shadowmancer   welcome
Magicalcrime   welcome!
ShadowmancerGrats all on progressing on Magiciclian 35% > 15%. We're getting there. Also big grats on finishing Phase 1 and shields faster than our average.

Keep up this performance so we can get the kill next time we go there.
Shadowmancer   Progress = 5 DKP
ShadowmancerAll 3.0 classes mastery. They're still subject to change until the release of 3.0
RIFT Nightmare Tide - Masteries
Masteries are the new addition to the Soul system coming with the expansion RIFT 3.0: Nightmare Tide on 8th October 2014. Below you will find a basic run-down of the Mastery System...
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skaravaios   only healing and solo purpose abilities for all classes until lvl 64...that means that we suppose to do the content until then and join raids afterwards?
ShadowmancerHuge update on PTS with many things that will come on 3.0
PTS Update for 17th September 2014
A large 2.4GB update hit RIFT's Public Test Shard for the 17th September 2014. TEST-300-22-A-941144. (Since the update is rather large and there's a lot of files to read through, d...
skaravaios   The crafting marks limit have been updated : we can now have 500 grand master marks and 1000 master marks !

Also, the crafting merchants have a new material like the “coruscating ethereal shard” which can be bought with 65 expert dungeon marks.

This is really nice for the casual players or crafting alts that dont do raids and dungeons :D
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Lalama   thats a lot of ppl, welcome !
Aichaa   welcome
Laiback   Welcome!
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hey guys thanks for the raid yesterday, sorry wasnt paying attention 100%.. and was doing sucky dps!! got some real life problems!!
I'm back home so no worries im coming to raid.
np magical
I have a meeting in a unversity today at 14:00 Server time (3 hours before raid). It shouldn't take too long. I hope to come back in time for raid, but no promises.
Sheqill, any update on your gear?
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