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Cleonicus   welcome!
Magicalcrime   'welcome!
ShadowmancerGrats all on an Amazing kill of Magicilian after the silly 3% wipe yesterday and the 1% wipe today lol. Bravo all on this amazing progress.

And grats on 6/8 T3 Binding of Blood.
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Shadowmancer   uploaded an image to Shadowmancer
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ShadowmancerBased on many requests I've got from our dear members & raiders. I have created a sub forums for all classes under our class discussion forums :)

Have fun guys and girls and share any tips and beneficial discussion with your fellow raiders.

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Shadowmancer   I have moved all posts created since August to the correct class sub forum :)
Cleonicus   very nice shadow!!! thanks once again
skaravaios   very nice...with 3.0 coming soon a lot of writing will need to be done...and i expect that from every hardcore minmaxing members
ShadowmancerI will be adding the last four raids before 3.0 to the site in a moment. After the last raid, I will be posting the new DKP system for 3.0 for your information.

Let's try to sign up on time so we can do our best in our current progress. If we get a kill, that's really good. If not, at least we will know that we have tried our best and didn't slack on progress.

Remember all, we have done a lot considering what the guild been through. It was a rewarding progress. A lot of new kills were done in a very short time of serious progress.

ShadowmancerGz all for the progress on Magicilian 3%. The kill isn't that far now :sick:
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Shadowmancer   Before I forget, of course this raid was a 5 DKP raid :sick:
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Shadowmancer   Welcome
Kwak   Welcome :sick:
Laiback   Welcome!
ShadowmancerPTS Data mining: Important info on this one. Here's my highlights:-

1-Updated Mastery for all classes again.
2-New gear stats.
3-New BIS rune on legs for casters. Check it out applied on the gear picture.
4-Removing of Vengeance and Valor from PVP PA Tree.
PTS Update for 25th September 2014
A small ~110MB PTS Update is up as of 25th September 2014 with some updates. No significant datamined files. Masteries Changes. Changes to all class' masteries, including an additi...
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Laiback   "Detailed" seems to point to a whole new tier of runes rather than 1 new rune (BIS or otherwise). Bah, I'm rewriting my gear calc proggie anyways :sick:
ShadowmancerLivestream Summary for 26th of Sep 2014
Livestream Summary: 26th Sept 2014 - Draumheim
Trion had their 26th September 2014 Friday Livestream where they showed off the Draumheim zone. for a replay of the 26th September Friday Livestream video on Legend: Bla...
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Laiback   Welcome! :sick:
Magicalcrime   welcome
Shadowmancer   welcome
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pts open test is live...go and see what the new zones look like
Will do magical np
I mistakenly signed for Friday. We have an holiday in Israel so cannot participate. please remove me from friday this week.
Nice guild cleo.. you can wait me, can't leave you alone there.. i envy you!!
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