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ShadowmancerGadgets & Gadgets Outfitter are updated to be compatible with 3.0 (Added Earrings..etc);

you can download them from the following links:-

1-Gadgets: [link]

2-Gadgets Outfitter: [link]
When moving gadgets around on the screen, you can align them to another gadget by dragging the move handle over the top of another move handle. The gadget you are dragging will ali...
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ShadowmancerYou can check shards status through this link below
RIFT | The Free to Play MMORPG! Start now!
No Trials. No Tricks. No Traps. Download RIFT and enter the vast, magical world of Telara. Experience an unprecedented class system, massive dynamic battles, and player housing lik...
ShadowmancerPatch note for the expansion 3.0.

Also please note the following:-

1-The download will only start when the shards are up.
2-The shard up time was pushed back by 1h 30m.
RIFT 3.0: NIGHTMARE TIDE || 7:00am PDT 10/22/14 [NA] || 2:00...
RIFT 3.0: NIGHTMARE TIDE 10/22/14 RIFT remains completely free-to-play with the Nightmare Tide expansion, offering you all of the new levels, zones,
ShadowmancerNews 21st Oct 2014:

Vouchers will be removed once the expansion is released. Be careful guys and girls and try to convert your currencies now or share them between your characters if you're already maxed out.
RIFT News Tidbits 21st October 2014
RIFT news tidbits for 21st October 2014. Check out all the info below: Twas the night before Nightmare Tide... Reminder that Nightmare Tide launch patch update will occur at 7:30AM...
Shadowmancer   This link also contain links to the latest warrior builds from the PTS (Tanking Builds included).

So keep it in your favorite if you want to try those builds later on.
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ShadowmancerMore info about the 3.0 Launch and expected download size.
Nightmare Tide Launch Time Announced!
CM Morgana has announced that all RIFT shards (both NA and EU) will come down at the same time at 7:30AM PDT/2:30PM GMT ( TC)( CD) on 22nd October 2014 for the RIFT 3.0: Nightmare ...
ShadowmancerCounter to Nightmare Tide 3.0 launch (Download)
(RTA) Nightmare Tide Launch Count Down
Countdown to Oct 22, 2014 2:30 AM. Showing days, hours, minutes and seconds ticking down to 0
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Lalama   [link]
Shadowmancer   Correct: [link]
skaravaios   [link]
ShadowmancerToday's Raid: Monday the 20th of Oct 2014.

Good morning guys and girls,

Because we only have this raid left before the release of 3.0 which is confirmed for the 22nd of October. We will be canceling tonight's raid cause we won't be able to go any where on Maelforge in one night only.

However, I will add an optional raid for tonight for those who want to join us in the PTS to do some serious testing in the 10 man or 20 man raid.

If you're interested, please sign up <
there :sick:

If we have enough sign ups we will go there :sick:

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Your account is fine Flint, I checked many times. I am sure there's something missing from your side. Like maybe you didn't click join community or your log in didn't work.
Shadow plz check my acc.. i can't log in and i blame mastifff for this (dont ask why mastifff) plz fix it or i need to create a new acc :'(
well, played few hours, level 62. probably gna be 65 tomorrow, but still lots of work to do. Gn
at least im watching Ch.l. while waiting
You can start downloading now; but shards are still down
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