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SimosJust to explain public about the DKP from melodic, cause many will ask. We thaught it was fair not to grand full dkp he had since he left the guild, but it was not fair to put him in same level with a new recruit. Therefore he was granded 29 DKP which is 2 lower from the lowest active rogue (Iurka). That way Melodic has advantage over NEW recruits and disadvantages over other rogues in the guild.
Rockavlon   And again. *thought
SimosToday's PBB team

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ShadowmancerAnd this is for our Clerics and by the way Daglar posted that they will remove this 2mins CD error.
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cleonicus   A MA GAD
cleonicus   A Midsummer Night's Dream :)
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SimosAkylios Mini boss - some guilds do it with 2 tanks, in case 1 dies the other take over. I dont think we need to do that though. The tank must run very very fast out of the blue aoe and all interrupts must be done. Nothing about keep the boss in the blue or stuff like that. We just need a little mroe time there - so i ask people be more serious next time and we dont do so few tries in 3 hours raid.
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Kwak   i would say, use one tank, puri, sent, tank chloro raid healing chloro and defiler. the only way you can get 120k hits if you dont have a 305 link on. normally it is 50 to 70k hits.
Zither   yea, we had that setup, but tank was still getting 1 shot nearly every try at different times in the fight, with necro link up. I hope it is just a bug then..
Kwak   The only thing i can think of is that the necro link might be bugged then, try a defiler if it does happen again (check the logs to see if it is a 120k hit or multiple smaller hits)
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ShadowmancerThis is for the rogues :p Trinity and Addiction got this one plus mage helmet on 1st kill.
Link Description
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ShadowmancerT3 Sword :) This has dropped from BoB: Greenscale.
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Rockavlon   I had the same old one! But now I just had a heart attack!!
Shadowmancer   Haha yea indeed! I mean... free swing O.o that's ouch eeech ooooch
Shadowmancer   found it:
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Fixed: Master Timers now apply their settings to all slave timers when they are changed in the menu. This includes enabled and color settings.
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melodic did you try to enter with your normal credentials?
melodic - i cannot bring backup, as it'll affect all users. you need to recreate account please.
I will sign up as soon as I get raid invite and dkp access again
Guys & girls why do I see only 10/20 sign ups for tonight? :(
Amazing update coming today for NA and tomorrow for us. (New T2 weapons in Store is main point) plus amazing fixes. Read my post in general for more info
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