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Shadowmancer2nd Picture.
ShadowmancerGreenscale binded by RTA, well done everyone :)
ShadowmancerI am uploading 3 pictures as I type.

1-StormCaller DPS on Akylions's Mini Boss.
2-Group picture of GreenScale.
3- 2nd Group Picture of GreenScale.
ShadowmancerSummary of tonight's live stream. "Some pictures quality is not that good cause they're screen shot from a live stream video". Interviews Daglar Livestream
Rob Lashley from interviewed RIFT Game Director Bill "Daglar" Fisher on the Livestream @ Twitch today. Daglar went over a few RIFT-related items that have pop...
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Simos   tine touto pali ?
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Shadowmancer   Welcome
Shadowmancer2.7 hot fix#15 (Coming tomorrow for EU shards).

The patron stuff are coming this week.
Few changes for mage soul and rogue soul.
Ability to reach mini boss in PBB without killing Thrax or Proteous.
and many other changes.
RIFT 2.7 Hotfix #15
Trion is updating RIFT with RIFT 2.7 Hotfix #15 at 7:00AM PDT on 23rd July 2014 (NA) and 1AM GMT on 24th July 2014 (EU). Summary: Cross-Shard Chat Fix. Fix for players who disconne...
ShadowmancerNew pets for warriors and rogues updated souls soon.
Vladd reveals Monty and Rodney
Vladd revealed Monty and Rodney today, the "" and "" models datamined by TehFrank in the most recent 1gb+ PTS Update. First up though...
ShadowmancerSummerfest is ending soon, make sure you use any currency you have left to buy items you want. Especially the rings or essence. Because world event vendor is no longer in game.
Summerfest Ending 24th July 3:30PM ST
Just a reminder that Summerfest is ending on 24th July at 3:30PM ST. (Countdown: NA - EU) (Time Converter: NA - EU). Don't forget those +78 HIT Summerfest Rings found under Rift St...
ShadowmancerNews Tidbits 21/7/2014
News Tidbits: 21st July 2014
A few RIFT news tidbits for 21st July 2014: Mage Stormcaller changes: Along with all the recent Stormcaller overhaul changes, a few additional changes are being made: Storm Armor -...
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I forgot to turn off one thingy and didnt heal it much :d
ok zither i can heal that npc
cant be online until next Wednesday so gL in raid without me :) cya.
GZ Vic ;)))
damn warriors ! gz Victorii on T3 sword
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